It is my great pleasure to address our precious customers of Seo Kang Metals Co., Ltd. in this new newly designed homepage.

It has been almost twenty years since we engaged in the business of manufacturing steel products. But we are always in the same spirit as when we were starting. Started in 1986 as Seo Kang Co., Ltd, we have produced recarburizers, which are essential raw materials in steel making industry, and also developed cored wires for the first time in the nation. Thanks to outstanding performance we have been successful in positioning Seo Kang Metals Co., Ltd. as a primary supplier in the business, both at home and abroad. Our products are very competitive in price and quality, providing our customers with pleasure and satisfaction. Encouraged by your continued supports, we are doing our utmost best to produce better products more cost-effectively.
We look forward to your continued patronage and encouragement. Thank you.

 President.    Um.Kwangho                

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