It is more than just a steel.
It is a benefit making our life more bountiful.

Providing higher standard of living is what Seo Kang pursues. Now steels are not structural materials used just for the advancement of civilization. Deeply ingrained in our daily life, steels have become an essential part of our life. For the last twenty years Seo Kang has devoted itself to making steels more convenient and safer so that they can make our life more bountiful.

What Seo Kang thinks is what 'people' think.
We have always been with you and will continue so in the future. A corporate firmly based on human spirit can not turn its back to people or overwhelm them. A corporate not appreciating people cannot last, and people cannot lead a bountiful life without corporate.

A corporate sweating for the bounty of human life cannot be destroyed. It is because what humans pursue is not different from what a corporate pursues.
A corporate advancing into the future in pursuit of higher standard of human life -
A corporate wishing to be in oneness with people.
That is a corporate what Seo Kang aspires.

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